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Vision of the leisure touch modern outdoor furniture

Posted By:Leisure Touch | October 31,2020

The future of modern outdoor furniture should highlight the concept of outdoor life and personalized experience, advocate the concept of life of sunshine, health, and fashion, pay more attention to the innovation of materials, manufacturing processes, product design, and interaction with interior design concepts.


Leisure Touch furniture is a 10 year old business, from the very beginning, we have been specialized in modern outdoor furniture. Over the last years, we have been constantly delivering stylish, functional and quality furniture to our customers mainly from Europe, North America and Australia, ranging from chain store, contract market to on-line shops. Our products have the following features: all-weather, UV-resistant, durable, relaxing, stylish and easy to maintain/clean. Our brushed aluminum outdoor furniture can be used in following places: garden, patio, yard, resort, hotel, club and villa.


Modern outdoor furniture


Quality: it's a word you hear a lot around Leisure Touch. In fact, it's kind of an obsession for us. We think about it constantly. The quality of our staff, the quality of our work, the quality of our reports, the quality of our service, the quality of our lives - in everything we do, we want our quality to be the best.


At Leisure Touch, outdoor living is our reason for being. So it should come as little surprise how seriously we take our commitment to the environment. We have made constant and continuous efforts to foster a leisurely life style through our furniture. With our furniture, you can touch the ground with your bare feet.


Leisure Touch in CIFF

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