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Celebrate The Mid-Autumn Festival With Our Patio Furniture Fire Pit Set

Posted By:Leisure Touch | October 01,2020

In 2020, the Mid-Autumn Festival falls on October 1st, which is the same day as China National Day, what a coincidence!



The Mid-Autumn Festival is a reunion time for families and friends, it is the second most important festival in China just after Chinese Spring Festival. To celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival, all the family members or friends will gather together to have dinner, share moon cakes, worship the round moon and guess the lantern riddles.

Mid-Autumn Festival

In Leisure Touch, we celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival in our Secret Garden showroom. Leisure Touch patio furniture fire pit set, outdoor sofa and dining set create a perfect gathering atmosphere, we prepared delicious snacks, wonderful shows and the most interesting lantern riddles guessing.


Everyone in Leisure Touch enjoyed the night, we are looking forward to have you joining our gather in the near future.


Patio Furniture Fire Pit Set

Patio Furniture Fire Pit Set

Patio Furniture Fire Pit Set

outdoor latern

Patio Furniture Fire Pit Set

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