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Festival Chongyang, climbing entertainment

Posted By:Leisure Touch | November 03,2020

Saturday, October 24th, all the staff were guided by Ms. Judy, GM of Leisure Touch garden furniture, to come to Mountain Xiqiao, to enjoy the climbing, celebrating the coming of Festival Chongyang.

Before 8 o'clock, we reached the bottom of Mountain Xiqiao. All of us were wearing smile face, with evidence to seize such mountain. There's one person we appreciated him so much, Mr. Ryan brought all the food and fruit on the way to the top. He said he would appear at anywhere and any moment when we needed him, and he really did.

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On the way, a snake line, we took off the coats along with the height of the mountain. Some of us found that they were really lack of sports in the day life. No matter what promises they made this time, it's well known that there's nothing change about their spending time on sports.

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After four hours, all of us arrived at the top of mountain. The huge statue of Guanyin was on front of us, smiling, and being quiet. Facing the Guanyin, we prayed, the trouble being gone with the wind.



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