Why Leisure Touch Cares So Much About Branding?

Posted By:Leisure Touch | November 19,2020

On November 11th, a very popular online shopping festival in China, Leisure Touch had a study about “Branding”, to have a further and intensive discussion on the road of branding.


What is a brand? Is it just a name? Or a logo? The answer is NO.

Outdoor Patio Sectional Sofa

Brand is more about name and product of a company, it’s about how to solve customers’ distress, enhance customers’ hope, delight them and provide with positive vision and imagination for them.


To start with a brand, a company must have its own story, locate their customer group accurately, then resonate with customers through their signature products.


Outdoor Patio Sectional Sofa


In Leisure Touch, we are doing the same thing exactly. We speak loud of our brand story to our clients, we locate our customer mainly on contract orders and retailer business, we have 3 signature products: outdoor patio sectional sofa, gas fire pit and outdoor ambience.


Dallas - outdoor sofa - fire pit


outdoor ambience


The road to famous brand with reputation is hard, but Leisure Touch will not give up. Because the ultimate goal for Leisure Touch is to bring the hope for our customers, it’s not about our name, not about our product, but about the relationship between Leisure Touch and you.

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