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Why brushed aluminum in Leisure Touch is so popular?

Posted By:Leisure Touch | May 13,2021

Probably you may have seen one of Leisure Touch’s news- Dallas, the similar outdoor sofa chairs used in the Meghan Harry Oprah Interview.




Meghan Harry Oprah Interview

According to our agents in London and New York, Dallas sales increased more than 50% after Oprah interview and they are asking for new orders for it.


In 2017, our Dallas was designed by our professional and experienced R&D team, who is providing original designs for our customers on a regular basis. Now it has become a craze for outdoor furniture.


At the same time, we also realized the huge potential market of brushed aluminum. In recent years, you may have noticed that this feature has been on the rise in outdoor furniture business, taking US market as an example.

Brushed Aluminum


This finish is perfectly close to stainless steel color after brushing and oxidizing, this application benefits customers with stainless steel texture at a much lower cost and lighter weight.


Furthermore, the supplier of Oprah Interview Chairs is one of the most influential importers in the American brushed aluminum market, which has been recognized on Overstock.


Brushed Aluminum

In Leisure Touch, you can find the brushed aluminum feature in different products, like sofa set, dining set, sun lounger and so on.


Brushed Aluminum


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