The VUE rooftop restaurant and bar - Aruba

CLIENT : David Henrick

DATE : February 02,2020

What we did:

●Outdoor furniture collection:
A. Prestige collection: Plato sofa set, Oslo bar set;
B. Classical collection: Erica dining set, Zac dining set, Huron bar chair, Venice dining set, PE rattan sofa set;
●Our architecture designer designed the PE rattan sofa set in a U shape to fit the waterside dining area for our customer.


For different areas, customers need to use different outdoor furniture to distinguish between the VIP areas and the other dining areas. In addition, our customer also needed customized furniture for dining at the waterside. Therefore, with its excellent R&D capabilities, Leisure Touch offered the overall output scheme to meet the customers’ demands.


●A new design with a special U shape for the waterside sofa set which can match the sea grass plastic wicker and outdoor cushions.
●Overall output scheme according to the drawing from the customer.
●Prestige collection and classical collection recommendation for different areas, but the overall colors of the materials are matching.
Extreme comfort
Stylish colors
Unique design
95% similar to stainless steel

outdoor restaurant furniture

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