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The story of champagne minimalism furniture

Posted By:Leisure Touch | November 02,2021

Finish color of Champagne, this color has been inspired from construction materials but with lower profile, restrain and a sense of minimalism. Now It is highly praised and appreciated by our clients, at least three clients have exclusively chosen champagne color for their minimalism furniture orders.


There are a huge potential market of brushed aluminum. In recent years, you may have noticed that this feature has been on the rise in outdoor furniture market.

Minimalism furniture

In the fierce market competition,look what barges our brand to the forefront;


· Leisure Touch is the only champagne brushed aluminum minimalism furniture supplier in China.

· The best brushed aluminum craftsmanship in South of China.

· The best brushed aluminum furniture in China.

· The most sophisticated fish-scale welding in China.

· The top plastic wood in South China with proven stability to UV exposure and reassured density without deformation.

·Olefin fabric from Taiwan which is eco-friendly, anti-UV and water-resistant. We have upgrade our fabric from normal polyester to this Olefin fabric without charging customers extra.

· Cushions are made with uniformed fullness, streamlined sewing, needed resilience and extreme comfort

· Characteristics: environmentally friendly, minimalist style and industrial style.

· 95% similar to the stainless steel.


With Leisure Touch minimalism furniture, you will enjoy for years to come.


Minimalism furniture

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