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Community Events - Australia

CLIENT : Ory Vision

DATE : October 17,2019

What we did:

●Outdoor furniture collection: Brushed aluminum outdoor sofa set, brushed aluminum outdoor dining and bar set, sun lounger,fire pit table
●Our architecture designer designed a fire pit table for our customer.


Customers know nothing about the specific furniture design they want, they only have a general idea, and we need to provide a matching plan. At the same time, the client told us that there are many mosquitoes in the area where the project is located. Therefore, Leisure Touch outdoor furniture should help customers to find the appropriate furniture they need and to provide our supports, preferably to help customers solve the mosquito problems.


●Understand the customer's positioning and budget in the hotel engineering market, and then select the appropriate Leisure Touch furniture series for the customer, including dining sets, bar seta, sofa sets and sun loungers.
●Recommend the customer to use the Leisure Touch fire pit table, because mosquitoes will be eliminated when they are attracted by the light.
●Leisure Touch fire pit table:
Outdoor living space and lifestyle: ambient
Unique design
Sofa and fire pit are born to be matched
Industrial Style


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