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Charle’s Villa

CLIENT : Charles

DATE : May 10,2021

What we did:

●Sketch up based on actual area of outdoor upholstered sofa
●Outdoor module sofas and coffee tables
●Outdoor extendable dining table and stackable dining chair


Client only provides video for outdoor area and size for the outdoor sitting zone, our designer chose the suitable outdoor upholstered sofa and coffee tables which are exactly fitting the sitting zone.
For the outdoor dining room, client need matching color for the table with the existing outdoor kitchen, our designer picked all brushed aluminum extendable dining table and brushed aluminum dining chair to match the kitchen.


●Brushed aluminum sofas to replace old school rattan furniture.
●Flexible sofa modules to fit client’s space.
●Extendable dining table allows 10 persons to sit the most. Easy to assemble, client’s feedback is excellent.

Outdoor upholstered sofa

Outdoor upholstered sofa

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