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Posted By:Leisure Touch | October 20,2020

● Year: 2019

● Location: Victoria, Australia

● Collection: Brushed aluminium outdoor sofa set, Outside sun lounger.


Our Leisure Touch outdoor sofa set can also be used in the festivals, parties, product launches and weddings. Our customer understands what needs to be done in order to achieve success at the highest level.


What an incredible day it was yesterday! It is the free family friendly event! Look at the white garden sofa set design! The friends stay together to enjoy the clear skies and bright sunny sunshine.

Outdoor Sofa Set

There are more combinations for Leisure Touch outdoor sofa set. White and grey color is popular in the community events. Leisure Touch recommends Casa garden sofa set, it couldn’t be more suitable for this party!

The event was filled with hoards of young families and groups of friends, they gathered together and spent a wonderful time with the community on Sunday. This free family friendly event was now a part of the local calendar! 


Outdoor Sofa Set


Our customer said, "I wanted to create an experience designed for young families, with activities to entertain the kids whilst allowing the adults to relax and enjoy their Sundays. An atmosphere with great music, fun and awesome local eats.” Leisure Touch garden furniture helps to realize this dream.

What's more, light weight is one of the advantages of Leisure Touch outdoor lounge, people can move the garden lounge set easily. The brushed aluminum is 95% similar to the stainless steel and with the anti-aging finish.


Outdoor Sofa Set


When guests sit next to the cocktail table set in Briars historic barn, live entertainment by local musicians perfectly creates the atmosphere. With Red Hill brew on tap and an assortment of local wines to choose from, guests took in the friendly atmosphere with a drink in their hands and smile on their face.


Outdoor Sofa Set

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