Leisure Touch attaches great importance to human resources

Posted By:Leisure Touch | February 24,2021

We are the manufacturer of outdoor furniture. This week, our general manager Judy conducted a course on the concept of employment for Alibaba seller users.


In this process, companies have discussed some problems in human resource management, such as employee recruitment, training, assessment, incentives, adjustments, etc. Judy helps small companies solve by sharing her insights and philosophy.

Leisure Touch value talents, to our members, we are growth-driven and diligent.

Manufacturer of outdoor furniture

How to be growth-driven?

1.We will provide regular professional training to employees so that they can feel their own improvement;

2.Encouraging them to discover new problems and adopt reasonable suggestions;

3.Corporate culture training to employees to better integrate into the collective;

4.Encouraging them to participate in collective activities to enhance the sense of collective honor and personal responsibility;

5.Assigning tasks thatwe can try from time to time, and give spiritual and material rewards to those who perform well.


 As a manufacturer of outdoor furniture, “Survive within 8 hours and development beyond 8 hours”,and the latter embodies our diligent philosophy.

 It is precisely because of this that the staff's stability is maintained, and the manpower configuration and personnel structure are always in an ideal state.


Manufacturer of outdoor furniture

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