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Posted By:Leisure Touch | March 16,2021

Ecommerce packaging demands are greater than ever before with 95% of British people now buying goods via internet retailers. The United Kingdom is our strategic market. It is crucial for our online retailers to use the protective internet packaging solutions that are both easy for the customer to open our garden sofa furniture and also promote our brand image.

Garden sofa furniture

The British Post (Royal Mail) announced that it is building a new parcel center in central England. The company is accelerating its transformation to "focus on the development of international parcel business while consolidating the domestic letter business market." The new center is planned to be opened in 2023. It will be the size of 10 football fields and have the capacity to handle more than 1 million mails per day, making it the largest parcel center of the British Post, which is also a major investment in the business in the central region. In addition to being equipped with the most advanced automatic parcel sorting system, the hub will also provide a vehicle operation center, a new fleet of staff facilities and a transfer terminal connected to the railway to ensure an effective and sustainable increase in mail delivery.


The online shopping trend accelerated by the new crown epidemic and social restrictions, British Post's parcel volume increased by 51% in the first half of the year, showing a strong performance. Simon Thompson, CEO of British Post said, "Our business is accelerating. This modern parcel center located in the central region will enable us to seize market opportunities and continue to provide quality services to more than 31 million customers across the country." Based on ergonomics The designed high-speed sorting system not only means faster parcel processing speed, but also supports the execution of work processes in a safer way than before, effectively improving the safety factor of on-site operations. British Post has also positioned itself at the forefront of operational efficiency and ergonomics.


This is not only a chance for Leisure Touch. We are willing to offer the most considerate service for the online shop outdoor furniture retailers. No matter the garden sofa furniture, sun lounger, or the fire pit, we all have the mail order packaging solutions.


Garden sofa furniture

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