Leisure Touch Fire Pit Table

Posted By:Leisure Touch | May 06,2020

Are you a fan of the robust, natural look? If yes, look at the Blaise fire pit table! It includes a hexagon side table and can make a unique set-up. This outdoor fire pit table is now also available in white. You can use this hexagon fire pit table with the lounge set or just use it separately in the garden. The unique shape can be easily fitted into any corner of your garden, or you can even just put it on your balcony.


Let's see how the fire pit table works!


This afternoon, we will get together to study how to use the Leisure Touch fire pit tables.



The Leisure Touch firepit tables are very easy to operate. Each fire pit has an electronic ignition unit, which is battery powered. Press the control knob and the fire ignites. Meanwhile, turn the knob towards the right to open the gas feed. Then the Blaise fire pit will be lighted. Hold the control knob for 10 seconds and the fire will continue to burn. Now, you can enjoy it!


If you want to put out the flame, press down at the same time turn the ignition button back to the starting point. The gas will be turned off and the flame goes out the whole unit by itself. Please always remember to turn off the gas bottle and let it cool down after using.


Are you a bon vivant who just loves to sit around the fire with delicious snacks and drinks? Then go for the Leisure Touch Blaise fire pit table. This fire pit has plenty of room around the fire for a plethora wide variety of refreshments. Go Live Outdoors!

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