Happy birthday to Leisure Touch!

Posted By:Leisure Touch | December 02,2020

December 2nd, it was really a memorable day for Leisure Touch. Not only did we have a philosophy exam, but we also celebrated the 11th anniversary of our company.


“The joyful atmosphere can infect people, and the power of passion can touch people ". At the 11th anniversary celebration of Leisure Touch, we witnessed the joy, passion and imagination of our employees.

High end outdoor furniture

Looking back on the past, every step we took was concerned about our efforts and hard work, focusing on the high end outdoor furniture, such as patio sofa set, gas fire pit, garden dining set, etc. “Seek survival in adversity, seek development in competition”, it took 11 years of trials and hardships to create today's glory.


Finally, Happy Birthday to Leisure Touch. Wish you the better, the smoother and the more brilliance you will be in the future.


High end outdoor furniture

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