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Fire Retardant of Leisure Touch Patio Furniture Sofa

Posted By:Leisure Touch | January 19,2021

We all know that fire retardant is divided into American Standard and British Standard for patio furniture sofa, but the British Standard is much stricter than the American Standard. Since the “Great Fire of London” in 1666, the British government has taken fire prevention seriously and regulates fire control in public places.


The UK flammability regulations have been in existence for over 20 years and in 2000 it was estimated that they had saved up to 1860 lives since their introduction, which shows the importance of fire retardant.

Patio Furniture Sofa

The Regulations apply to upholstered outdoor furniture suitable for use in dwellings (e.g. homes, conservatories, caravans etc). However, there are only few companies that can actually make fire-retardant materials in China, Leisure Touch patio furniture sofa is one of them.


For Leisure Touch, we pay more attention to customer experience rather than bringing stylish designs to them. In order to better serve our UK and other partners who has fire retardant requirements for patio furniture sofa, our products have been able to reach the BS5852 standard for UK market, and we will further overcome the BS7176 standard in the near future.


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