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Environmentally friendly aluminium outdoor setting - Leisure Touch

Posted By:Leisure Touch | June 04,2021

We are reminded on an almost daily basis of the importance of leading an eco-friendly life. Our planet and our health depend upon it so it is everyone's responsibility to make the necessary changes in their lives to help.


In view of the discussions about climate change, the topic of sustainability is becoming more important for garden furniture aluminium outdoor setting. In the development of new models today, more and more attention is paid to polywood and Olefin fabric since both of them are recyclable and environmentally friendly.


Aluminium outdoor setting

One of the main material for aluminium outdoor setting what we used is the polywood. Polywood is UV protected against fading and does not rot, splinter, check or attract insects. And it’s environmentally friendly the polywood is made from 90% recycled HDPE plastic derived from post-consumer waste. No trees are killed making the new POLYWOOD outdoor patio furniture! Reuse. Recycle. Relax!


Aluminium outdoor setting


Olefin fabric is also used for the cushion. Olefin is also called polypropylene. It is created from chemicals, but it's generally considered to be better for the environment than lots of other textiles. Its manufacture creates very little waste and it is relatively easy to recycle when compared to most other fabrics. The production of olefin fabric is environmentally friendly. The fiber is 100% recyclable: it can re-extruded into new yarn up to ten times.


Aluminium outdoor setting


The theme of health is not only prominent at the moment due to the current situation. Nowadays, furnishing one's garden and terrace is a question of ergonomic planning and comfort.


Aluminium outdoor setting

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