Enjoy The Outdoor Seating With Marley Outdoor Patio Dining Sets

Posted By:Leisure Touch | October 06,2020

On August, one of our clients opened a new pub in the USA, with Leisure Touch dining table and chairs to set in their outdoor seating area, it attracts lots of new customers since they opened.


The client had a hard time to purchase the outdoor furniture because the demand is increasing after the restriction on indoor dining at restaurants and bars was announced. Besides, the winter is coming, the client was also in a rush to open his new restaurant as quickly as possible so people could enjoy the outdoor seating. Therefore, he came to me and required very short production lead-time on the outdoor patio dining sets.

Outdoor Patio Dining Sets

The square Marley dining set with umbrella holes allows the client to buy the parasol in local, the size of the table is with 4 arm chairs which are perfect for 4 persons to enjoy their beer, coffee and food.


Thanks for the support and trust from the client, wish his business is always flourishing!

Outdoor Patio Dining Sets

Outdoor Patio Dining Sets

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