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New finishing color of aluminium garden sofa set frame - Champagne

Posted By:Leisure Touch | May 06,2021

Today, we, Leisure Touch had a live show of the new product featuring the Champagne brushed aluminium garden sofa set - Fairy.

Prior to this, many customers have also learned about the characteristics of outdoor brushed aluminum products, such as light weight, high quality-price ratio, anti-aging,  coolness with industrial and stylish style, but normally with stainless steel color finishing in the market. Of course, we have 12 years of history in stainless steel as well, specializing in aluminium garden sofa set, dining set, sun lounger and bar set.

Aluminium garden sofa set

This finish is perfectly close to stainless steel color after brushing and oxidizing, this application benefits customers with stainless steel texture at a much lower cost.

And now, we have pushed out a new brushed aluminum color-Champagne, we can definitely say that we are the only one manufacturer who can produce this color, which mean you can hardly find from other suppliers and it’s new for the market at present.

Aluminium garden sofa set


During the live show, we also presented the water repellent of fabric and how to assemble 1 sofa in 3 minutes.

What’s more, we have promotion offer to our customers, please find more details on our live show review.

Aluminium garden sofa set

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