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How to protect brushed aluminum outdoor furniture from scratch?

Posted By:Leisure Touch | August 31,2021

During the communication with our Australian customer, we learned that the customer had purchased brushed aluminum outdoor furniture products from other suppliers before, but the cooperation was stopped due to quality problems. Thus, we managed to free this customer from worries and concerns of scratching, which they always have had with previous supplier.

Brushed aluminum outdoor furniture

We visited three giant aluminum alloy factories who are the top three of the industry. Hence thicker coating of our aluminum. Our raw aluminum alloy is from the top-grade and the biggest aluminum factory of the South China.


The scratch test of the brushed aluminum was made with Australian coins. The test results show that the surface is not easy to be scratched because of the thicker oxide coating of the brushed aluminum.


When this Australian customer received the first container last November, he was pleasantly surprised with our outstanding quality performance in finish, welding and details.


This said customer has just paid deposit for their repeat orders this Wednesday. Moreover, he has put Plato Sofa and Oslo Sofa of sigarten brand brushed aluminum outdoor furniture on the waiting list of their 2022 procurement scheme, both of which are flagged with brushed aluminum.


Brushed aluminum outdoor furniture

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