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Aluminum Outdoor Furniture Couch Deep Outdoor Sofa For Project - Fairy

The frames of this Fairy outdoor furniture couch are manufactured entirely in aluminum, with a brushed finish. This set will bring you unrivalled comfort, while also offering a sleek, modern design.

This set has 5 modular pieces. It is made up of a deep outdoor sofa and an aluminum coffee table. It is a lightweight, resistant material that does not rust by nature. The coffee table comes with a 15mm polywood table top. The cushions, on the other hand, are all water repellent and have zipped covers for easy changing. With thick, padded backrests, it provides all the comfort of an indoor sofa. The olefin fabric used for the cushions, while adapted to outdoor use, is similar to that used on an indoor sofa, which makes it pleasant to the touch. The seats are particularly thick so you cannot feel the frame while seated.





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