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7 Keys of Project Cases For Outdoor Living Solutions

Posted By:Leisure Touch | October 11,2021

Leisure Touch is specialized in providing high-quality outdoor living solutions to the hospitality industry all over the world, our designs are well received by architecture designers, interior designers, project managers and project procurement officers.


What we can offer to our customer?  There' re 7 keys of the project cases:

1. Communication.

Thorough understanding of each other regarding company capability, specialization, reputation and target of the project. Pre-selection of products, color proposals, layout solutions and project analysis.

Outdoor living solutions

2. 3D Max simulations.

Our chief designer is majoring in Mechanic Graphing and Advertising Design. He has hands-on experience in contract market outdoor furniture. Our designers output 3D-visualizations as a result of pre-communication between the sales and customers.

You will receive individually-created configurations and placement suggestions with our furniture for your specified areas as well as professional color proposals.


3. Confirm the budget and outdoor living solutions.


4. Face-to-face meetings. We will fly over to you for face-to-face meetings and final discussions.


5. Contract-signing.


6. Contract implementing.


7. Project appraisal.


We will serve you until we know you’ re satisfied and are enjoying the outdoors!

We're here to wow you!


Outdoor living solutions

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