Maintenance for Furniture


1. Our product does not require complex maintenance. All we need to do is to lightly sweep the dust away with a soft brush whenever it is smeared. Or we can wipe it out with a wet soft cloth then with a dry cloth. Air drying is also suggested.

2. After using the product for some time, we can clean it with light salt brine to achieve a better cleaning quality. Please remember that strong acid or alkali chemicals are always not recommended.

3. Keep the furniture away from the fire to prevent the fabric, rattan, polywood or sling materials from being faded, dried, deformed, bent, cracked and incompact. Do not hit or scratch the furniture with hard and sharp objects.

4. Either put the outdoor furniture indoors or cover it with a tarp or other protective cover if it won't be used for a long time. 

5. Apart from periodic cleaning, teak furniture from Leisure Touch requires no special maintenance because of the premium quality of the timber.

6. In order to retain the original texture of teakwood, we suggest to use teak oil at least twice a year and clean it with mild cleaning agents no more than twice a year.