LEISURE TOUCH, in Chinese, means "诗悦".

End-users can interpret Leisure Touch literally easily: touch the ground with your bare feet, with our leisure green furniture.

However, today we would like to extend you our warmest welcome to Chinese counterpart of Leisure Touch—诗悦. literates as poetic which inspires romance, beauty, nature and tranquility. 悦 originates from ancient China: 6 pleasures of reading Buddhist Scriptures, i.e. eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and soul. When you sit, recline, eat, relax or entertain with our furniture, we believe you will have cozy and ample experience of 6 pleasures: from physical to spiritual. Please yourself, please others.

People sparkle mysterious fantasy when interacting with orient world while we are revealing the reserved sentiments of East by picking Chinese artistic symbols into our original designs. Customers call us: best of both worlds—beauty of the East and Craftsmanship of the West; peace of the East and go-live-outside of the West; meditation of the East and robust of the West. The art of Fusion and Tai Chi!


Chinese ancient poem boosts in Tang Dynasty: graceful, noble and wise. We Leisure Touch are entitled to carry forward the ideation of our Great Masters: humane and humble.